Dental Implants an Alternative

A man with dental lumineers

Dental implants can offer a second chance for denture wearers. How would you like to eat the foods you love again and smile with confidence? Often times a person can have an implant surgery in the morning and be eating corn on the cob the very same evening! Traditional implants offer a slow recovery time, but with advanced technology recovery is now quick and painless. The cost is also greatly reduced from traditional bridge work and preserves the health of surrounding teeth.

Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The implant bonds with the jaw bone to become an integral part of your bone structure. This gives the implanted tooth higher strength and better functionality. Implanted teeth enable a higher chewing efficiency when compared to denture applications and there is no need to bother with adhesives on a daily basis.

An Alternative to Root Canals

Yes, it is true! For many years, the recommended treatment for cracked and mildly infected teeth, has been a root canal followed by a crown. Together these treatments can exceed thousands of dollars and result in discoloration or failure in as little as three years.
Now you have a better more cost effect choice through the advancements of mini-dental implants. This procedure can also be completed in only one visit to the dentist office verses the multiple visits often required with traditional root canal’s and crown work. Another benefit to mini-dental implants is color matching that will not fade, grey or stain which is common with root canal procedures.

Dr. Joe Stucky on Dental Implants

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