What is the difference between fixed and removable dentures?

Fixed Dentures stay in place

The two common types of dentures include fixed and removable dentures. Fixed dentures can only be removed by a dentist, while removable dentures can be taken out of the mouth any time you want. Each type has pros and cons, and the person considering dentures will need to weigh those pros and cons to figure out what they want. The decision comes down to the overall health considerations with each type of denture. Consider these aspects of fixed and removable dentures before you make a decision.

Accelerated Bone Loss

Once you lose your teeth, your jaw bone will deteriorate. Removable dentures increase the rate at which your jaw bone deteriorates. These dentures place too much pressure on the areas of the jaw bone that used to support the teeth. And in time the removable dentures won’t fit anymore due to the loss of bone density and shape in the jaw.

On the other hand, fixed dentures keep the jaw bone in tact as much as possible. The denture implants actually attach to the jaw bone to form a firm support system. These permanent implants allow for a more comfortable life. People who choose fixed dentures can eat whatever they like, and they don’t have to worry about the dentures slipping around in their mouths.

Natural Feel

People who wear fixed dentures often say that they feel like their natural teeth used to feel. Fixed dentures can lead to increased confidence among people who need their real teeth replaced. People with fixed dentures usually speak more clearly than people with removable dentures. They don’t need to fight the dentures to speak more clearly.

Removable dentures can make people feel depressed and unenthusiastic about life. People with removable dentures often complain about soreness and discomfort. Messy denture creams and other adhesives make life more complicated than necessary. People with fixed dentures seem more relaxed in their daily lives.

Long Term Investment

The initial cost of fixed dentures is certainly far higher than removable dentures. In the long run, it is a worthy investment. These fixed dentures will never need to be replaced. Can you put a price tag on comfort, stability, and happiness anyway? It’s hard to imagine someone who is happy to wear removable dentures if they also have the option to wear fixed dentures. These dentures will look and feel better in your mouth, and that’s what really matters in the end.

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