One Step Dentures: New Technique Takes Bite Out Of Cost

By June 1, 2016News and Information
Dentures in a Day

Dr. Joe Stucky, a Montrose dentist, is introducing a one-step denture technique that promises to save patients both time and money. Dr. Stucky has studied and practiced this streamlined approach while doing mission and charitable work, and is now ready to bring it many advantages to the communities of Western Colorado. “Every element of good denture construction is addressed”, says Stucky, “but the new materials and technology allow for a faster, more efficient process, which translates to significant cost-savings for the patient.” As the founder of Montrose’ original same-day, affordable denture service in 1997, Dr. Stucky delivered nearly 3,000 dentures to Western Slope patients over a several year period, and he is excited about the possibilities that this new system offers. “This innovative, new denture technique allows us to provide a comfortable, attractive denture at considerable cost savings, but unlike most techniques which take multiple visits to complete, this same-day, one-appointment denture is a practical alternative for people who travel from long distances, as well as our own local communities.”

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