Prosthetic Implants and Dentures


  • Mini Implants – These implants are smaller than the conventional type. Mini implants are roughly 3.0 millimeters in size. Mini implants usually only have one screw that holds them together. People experience less discomfort since mini implants are faster and easier to secure in the mouth than conventional dental implants.
  • Conventional Implants – These traditional dental implants are usually 3.7 millimeters in size. They have two pieces that hold them together in the person’s mouth. Conventional implants take more time to install in someone’s mouth, and the person will likely feel more discomfort after the procedure.


  • Removable – Removable dentures are dentures that someone can take out whenever they please. They also move around in the mouth and cause sores from time to time.
  • Complete – Complete dentures fit in the mouths of people who lost all their teeth or need all their teeth replaced.
  • Partial – Partial dentures are utilized when the person still has some of their natural teeth.
  • Fixed – Fixed dentures are secured by a dentist and can’t be removed by the person who wears them.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid dentures are mixes between regular dentures and fixed bridges. Hybrid dentures replace gum tissue and allow the wearer to maintain a normal appearance in their teeth.
  • Implant Retained – Implant retained dentures are regular dentures held in place by retainers.


Watch the video below to learn more about dental implants